TechNet Europe Bratislava 2019
“Information Dominance and Cyber Security at various
Crossroads – Challenges and Solutions in the Cyber-Physical World”

TechNet Europe is AFCEA Europe’s second largest annual event. This conference is similar to NITEC (TechNet International) with an intimate feel which fosters networking opportunities and features a highly regarded industry and technology exhibition, focused on European needs. TechNet Europe 2019 was organised in cooperation with the AFCEA Slovak Chapter and held under the patronage of the Minister of Defence and the National Security Authority, Slovak Republic.

Cyber security, as mature as it is nowadays, is constantly challenged by an ever-increasing and even more sophisticated level of threat. Simultaneously, the world of cyber security and the physical domain, traditionally separate, are more and more converging through the process of digitalisation. Avoiding a “clash of cultures” and joining forces at various “crossroads” will increase security in the C5ISR (C4ISR and the fifth “C”: Cyber) spheres of government and society.
In a two-day conference, some of the related “crossroads” were visited:
- How traditional IT supply chain best practices can meet secure quality requirements for hard- and software.
- How military technology for high resolution on the battlefield or wide area surveillance may inspire modern means for border security, and vice versa (including handling of mass data and biometrics).
- How to align the requirements for interoperability of embedded software of modern weapon systems with network capabilities’ needs.

Productive encounters in such fields will benefit a variety of governmental institutions, including the Armed Forces, and will result in overall increased security and information superiority for the purpose of mission effectiveness. Meeting at such a crossroads requires openness for unprecedented solutions and involving non-traditional partners in industry, academia and government. Connecting relevant partners in Government, Armed Forces, and Law Enforcement might also change the way they deal with cyber security issues habitually. It will provide an exceptional educational experience where concepts and solutions could also be traded between these groups.

> Session 1: Securing the IT Supply Chain – Is it all We need for Comprehensive Cyber Security?
Panel 1: “Hidden Risks in Governmental IT – How to Overcome Them?” – Concepts and Technologies against Hidden Threats in Hardware and Software
> Session 2: “Smart Perimeters” – What Border Security and Military Surveillance have in Common
Panel 2: “Digitalisation at the Border” – New Approaches to make Border Security even Smarter
Panel 3: “Information Dominance in Support of Combat” – Smart Perimeter Surveillance Contributing to an Agile Battlefield and Improving Situational Awareness
> Session 3: Panel on Securing Weapons Systems Operations by Deeper IT Interoperability and Increased Cyber Security

> Panel Session: “J-6 Foresight: What are the next Challenges?”