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How do we signpost services better, stratify patients based on risk more intelligently and redirect precisely to the most appropriate care setting (and not just send everyone to the Emergency Department)?

Streamlining large groups of patients take time and rsource.  This area explores the new technologies that can support patients to offer quicker, effective services, whilst optimising the care the patient receives. How do we gather data to know what is going on at a healthcare system level?; or signpost services better; or stratify patients based on risk more intelligently; and redirect precisely to the most appropriate care setting.  Can we avoid sending everyone via emergency departments? 

Our UK technologies support pre-assessment, for example in pre-operative settings, as well as wayfinding, streaming and redirection, particularly in urgent and emergency settings.

The NHS website, NHS App, NHS App Library and NHS Pathways are all world class solutions designed to signpost, stratify and precisely redirect (rather than endlessly divert) patients. It is all part of a wider strategy and the entire Empower the Person Roadmap.

SHREWD Escalation by Transforming Systems enables an instant, real-time view of how a health system is responding to unplanned increases in demand and provides assurance to health system leaders that risks are mitigated and redirecting patients away from areas which are overrun or blocked.

MedicSpot have set up over 350 walk-in Clinical Stations in pharmacies across the UK so patients can have a video consultation, be remotely examined by an expert private doctor by controlling the instruments at the station and pick up the prescription there and then.

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