Digital Solutions

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How do we offer on-demand support to citizens remotely with a sense of compassion and community while appreciating there is often stigma attached to accepting these services and that people drop out regularly?

Xenzone provide ground breaking online mental health counselling services and uses bespoke content to provide 'information as therapy' for over 70% of the NHS and deliberately didn't make it an app so it wouldn't stay on people's devices.

ORCHA provide the most advanced review mechanism for health and care apps to ensure they are safe for physicians to prescribe and also build locally branded and targeted app libraries for much of the NHS.

Healthbit allows patients to create circles of care so they can share their health information with their loved ones, carers and care team, stay connected to an online community with the same condition and link any app or device to track their wellbeing.

ChatHealth is a secure and confidential text messaging service for young people using technology that they are familiar with to enable them to securely contact a healthcare professional, supporting safeguarding and timely, confidential access to help.

The Low Carb Program is a multi-award-winning, behaviour change app for adults with type 2 diabetes with a support community of over 400,000 members.

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