Digital Solutions

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How do we share and make better use of the health data we have, both structured and unstructured, to make more intelligent and timely decisions?

BJSS redeveloped the NHS Spine, working with NHS Digital using open source. It supports the IT infrastructure for health and social care in England, joining together over 23,000 healthcare IT systems in 20,500 organisations. NHS Digital itself produces almost 300 open data statistical publications per year with over 1,000 clinical indicators to enable a learning health system in which patient data is used to deliver continuous improvements to health and care. Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) launched a Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) Programme to create a robust UK-wide infrastructure for health data research and innovation

DesAcc are leaders in health data migration, normalising meta-data and file formats with a deep understanding of PACS, VNA, EHR, RIS and Storage platforms. NextGate provided the Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) for NHS Scotland to end duplicate records and IMMJ are leaders in digitising records and displaying them so we have electronic access to the patient record at the point of care.

System C has been building record-sharing solutions across organisational and regional silos - including support for the new 'Local Health and Care Record Exemplars' (LHCREs) which are electronic shared local health and care records which makes the relevant information about people instantly available to everyone involved in their care and support.

CtheSigns offer a multi-platform tool for all healthcare professionals to support early identification of patients at risk of cancer. Holmusk developed MaST which analyses data and information from multiple sources to inform decision-making based on mental health service user needs and the likely resource required to provide safe and effective care. iBox Dashboards has won awards for the presentation of information for clinical teams . CRAB Clinical Informatics (C-Ci) have a pioneering methodology for full clinical case-mix adjustment, using 18 research-based clinical variables to calculate the specific risk for every patient that has been developed over three decades.

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