Digital Solutions

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How can we augment our people e.g. automate routine tasks, support clinical teams to carry out their roles more efficiently, support non-clinical and less qualified staff to take on more of the burden of healthcare provision and generally stretch our qualified teams to do more while avoiding burnout?

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust leveraged the power of automation using virtual workers from Thoughtonomy, reducing GP referral processing time from 25 minutes to just 5 minutes saving over 500 hours of staff time across 5 specialties. The London Imaging Network provide innovative teleradiology services because there's a global shortage of radiologists - while Kheiron Medical use AI to act as a second reporter on mammograms.

DemDx partners with Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and already works in over 160 countries to help healthcare staff and students to improve their clinical diagnostic-reasoning skills, guiding users as they diagnose patients so they learn to do so independently. Consultant Connect supplies a national network of NHS Consultants who can offer advice to clinicians anywhere in the world by phone or even advising on images for tele-dermatology.

Optellum used CT scans and developed a world-leading AI Clinical Decision Support solution for early lung cancer detection, identifying at-risk patients and speeding up time to diagnosis. Skin Analytics completed the world's first prospective study in AI for skin cancer to demonstrate that their ensemble of classifiers is as accurate as dermatologists in identifying melanoma. Google DeepMind chose the UK to set up because of the data-rich environment and has signed deals with major NHS Trusts such as Moorfields, UCL, Imperial and The Royal Free to conduct world class AI research.

Xytal partnered with Care-IS to offer bespoke consultancy services to improve General Practice, free up time to care and deploy Valida, their market-leading in-consultation solution for non-clinical triage, clinical referral, decision support, shared care records and risk stratification.

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