Digital Solutions

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How do we improve system and backend efficiency e.g. bottleneck analysis, patient flow, clinic rostering, user friendly systems?

InTouch with Health are pioneers in improving patient flow using outpatient kiosks connected to the hospital record and hospital wayfinding, working with leading NHS Trusts such as Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Health Roster by Allocate reduces avoidable costs by better utilisation of the workforce with reduced dependency on bank and agency staff.

The Lantum e-rostering solution means care providers can build their own cloud-based banks of vetted staff and automatically fill gaps with their smart-matching algorithm.

Patchwork teamed up with the BMJ to ramp-up recruitment and cut agency spending while making it all super easy for agency workers.

Infinity Health helped London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust save over 10,000 hours per annum with its ePortering system, address key workflow and communication challenges at Northwick Park Hospital.

PatientSource designed their own electronic patient record (EPR) when an NHS clinician got fed up of the one he was using so he coded one himself to be more intuitive and user-friendly for clinical users all run from a web browser, with The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) reporting immediate falls in prescription errors once implemented.

AT Medics are London's largest Primary Care provider delivering NHS Primary Care Services to over 270,000 patients. They are experts in clinical turnaround, stabilisation, improvement of systems and sustained general management of General Practice using their unique blend of proprietary technology.

TPP cover over 7,000 NHS organisations with a comprehensive, user-friendly system which uniquely covers all care settings (primary, secondary, social, community care etc.) and are applying machine learning onto 8m deidentified records to support population health measures.

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