Digital Solutions

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How do we improve communication whether to patients, between staff themselves so they can collaborate or for organisations to engage workforces genuinely (e.g. improve their wellbeing and gain new ideas on quality improvement and safety)?

Communication for Patients

Cognitant produces visual and interactive health information in 3D so patients can understand their conditions and their treatment. They also offer Healthinote so physicians can prescribe information to patients simply and quickly.

Xploro have developed a clinically validated health information platform that uses augmented reality (AR), gameplay and AI to deliver health information to young patients, in a way which makes them feel empowered, engaged and informed, whilst having fun at the same time.

Communication between staff

Bleepa provides secure instant messaging service which gives access to clinical grade PACS images, owned by the hospital, available on personal devices so clinical teams don't have to use WhatsApp (in breach of data privacy legislation like GDPR).

Proximie enables surgeons to connect to the global surgical community regardless of location and engage with colleagues during real time surgery or via live surgical reviews post operatively and even upload videos to a personalised library.

MedShr is a secure and easy way to discuss cases by specialty with verified medical colleagues with a community of over 800,000 members worldwide.

Communication within organisations

RLDatix are leaders in patient safety encouraging frontline clinical staff to enter data to reduce harm, limit the impact of HAIs and leverage learnings across their organisations.

Enyware worked with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust to allow everyone instant access to critical clinical guidelines from a smart device on a cloud-based platform.

ImproveWell developed a workforce engagement solution for the NHS including sentiment analysis so staff can share how their day at work is going, take surveys and suggest improvement ideas while monitoring their progress and implementation at a variety of NHS organisations across the UK, leading to demonstrable improvements and savings.

IamYIam developed a unique solution for employees to enjoy a personalised lifestyle and biomarker analysis and radical data privacy while offering employers pooled (anonymous) analytics for decision making and significant cost savings linked to absenteeism.

Ideal have successfully supported over 150 NHS organisations to deliver digital transformation ensuring staff are bought in at all stages.

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