Events > Northern Powerhouse Mission - Offshore Wind, USA

Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission Offshore Wind
North East USA
24th - 29th April 2022 

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Terms and Conditions

  1. All Northern Powerhouse-based businesses and organisations in the offshore wind supply chain that are actively selling UK goods and services may apply to participate in a DIT trade mission.   
  1. Application for the trade mission does not guarantee your place on the mission or that financial support towards the cost of the visit will be available.  The decision on the delegates selected by DIT to join the mission will be final and we will not enter into any discussion or correspondence concerning the companies selected.
  1. By joining the trade mission, companies agree to provide feedback on their market visit within 14 days of return to the UK on a form provided by DIT for this purpose.
  1. The Department for International Trade reserves the right to withhold any financial support or require part or full repayment of any financial package already paid if any participant: ceases trading; goes into liquidation, administration, receivership or bankruptcy; becomes the subject of a proposal for a winding up order or any other informal insolvency procedure; is or becomes indebted to any government department.
  1. The Department for International Trade reserves the right to withhold any or all of the grant or require part or full repayment of any grant already paid if any participant fails to comply with these conditions or causes embarrassment to Her Majesty’s Government, the host country or other participants of the group. 
  1. If you book non-refundable flight and travel arrangements, this is at your own risk and the Department for International Trade will not bear any associated direct or indirect costs in the event of mission cancellation or any other changes.
  1. Delegates are responsible for keeping up to date with current travel restrictions in relation to COVID-19.  The Department for International Trade  will not be held accountable for any losses incurred as a consequence of this or any other unforeseen changes.
  1. Please note that under the Government initiative to improve the transparency of how public funds are used, all funding (including the identity of the recipient and the amount) will be published from 1 January 2011 (details of payments over £500 have been published since April 2010).  By making an application for funding you agree that details of any payments made to your company can be published.
  1. The Department for International Trade reserves the right to cancel a company’s participation the mission at any time, before or during the mission if the company fails to comply with the conditions of the mission.