Delegates at The Global Education & Skills Forum are challenged to answer, "How can we prepare young people for the world of 2030 and beyond?" The Future Zone will stimulate delegates to think beyond what we know today and will spark our imagines to what might be.

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Stark Choices

What are the jobs that students today will be undertaking in 2030? What skills do we need to teach now to equip them? This new session at The Global Education & Skills Forum in 2018 will welcome thought leadership from business leaders and give delegates a preview of what our children will experience in the workplace of 2030.

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Immersive Learning Space

Virtual reality and simulations already have great effect in today's workplaces. Medicine, engineering, and armed forces are just some who use realistic scenarios for professional learning purposes. And, today's classrooms are abuzz as they bring traditional lessons to augmented and virtual life. Find out at Global Education & Skills Forum in 2018 and join multiple immersive experiences.

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Future Talks

Of course, there is no such thing as a crystal ball for the future. But what is possible? What's probable? What's preferred? This new session at The Global Education & Skills Forum 2018 will see educationalists, technologists, policy makers, and more take the stage to share their vision of what our young people will face in 2030 and beyond. Join the Future Talks and share your view of the future.