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Europe South Consular Conference 2022

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About the event

Every year, consular staff and managers from the Europe South consular network come together along with relevant London representatives in the form of a conference, located somewhere within the 17 countries it covers.

In April 2022 we hosted our first in-person conference since COVID restrictions in the Andalusian city of Seville. This was not a usual time to hold an event, but we were keen on get everyone together again after a long period of no travel, no events and no networking. This meant we had to decide what to do going forward in order to get the conference back into its usual Q3 slot; either skip this autumn and leave it a year and a half without a conference, or host a second conference this calendar year which would set the conference back into it's usual place going forward. We settled on the latter and will therefore hold a second in-person conference this October in Athens.

This one and a half-day conference will cover a range of sessions relevant to consular work, interwoven with the main pillars of our business plan


Please click the link below to register yourself for the conference; this info is crucial to the organisers to help create a smooth, professional and enjoyable event.   



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