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Europe South Consular Conference 2023

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About the event

Every year, consular staff and managers from the Europe South consular network come together along with relevant London representatives in the form of a conference, located somewhere within the 17 countries it covers.

We managed to host 2 large conferences in 2022 for the Europe South Consular network, following a 2 year hiatus from events due to Covid and a number of restrictions. We are now back to holding one conference per year in the Q3 period as we have done in the past. This year the conference will take place on the island of Malta.

This one and a half-day conference will cover a range of sessions relevant to consular work, interwoven with the main pillars of our business plan

About this website

This website has been created by the Network coordinator especially to provide practical and logistical information for the event, as well as providing a virtual platform for the agenda and time schedule - allowing for any last minute changes or updates AND avoiding mass printing and paper waste. 

Be sure to check back closer to the event for the most up to date information.  


The link for registering for this event was sent out using Eventbrite via email. There is no registration form here. This website is purely for practical information leading up to the conference.


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