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Discovering your potential in Offshore Wind - Northern Powerhouse

19/02/2021 10:00-11:15

Microsoft Teams


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Discovering your potential in Offshore Wind

Businesses from across the Northern Powerhouse are invited to join the first in a series of three webinars, designed to provide a detailed overview of Offshore Wind and the vast opportunities it presents to a variety of sectors. The webinars start from an introduction of why wind and what is involved? Moving onto the UK market, the challenges and opportunities for businesses, the final webinar focusing how to use the UK experience to export given the UK is currently the worlds largest offshore wind market.   

In this webinar we will look at why wind is so dominant in the UK renewable sector, as well as what is involved in the running and maintenance of a wind farm. You will also have the opportunity to hear from likeminded businesses, who will share their experiences and practical advice on how they got into offshore wind.

Who’s it for?

This webinar is ideal for business who are:

  • Currently working in offshore wind
  • Transitioning into offshore wind
  • Not currently transitioning, but curious about offshore wind as a future market

Key Sectors:
The renewables market is very attractive, and the potential is enormous. The breadth of products and services required for the day-to-day running of an offshore wind farm is so extensive that opportunities exist for numerous sectors in the supply chain, including but not limited to:

  • Security and Cyber Security
  • Training and Education
  • Logistic and Warehousing Maintenance
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Project Management
  • Legal and Financial Services
  • Risk Management

This webinar is a great opportunity to realise the potential that offshore wind presents to businesses in the North of England. Join us on Friday 19th February to find out more!


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