We Are Digital:
Exclusive 1-2-1 Clinics

17th and 18th May 2022 - Derbyshire and Leicestershire

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Meet our Digital Trade Advisers 1-2-1, here in the East Midlands.


The exponential uplift in online traffic and sales driven by the events of the past two years is making UK businesses adopt a ‘We Are Digital’ approach to their online activity to keep a level playing field with competitors. This is just one trend we as digital trade advisers are seeing in the online space.

The other trend is that businesses are placing more emphasis on their own websites to ensure better performance on the now very competitive web.

To help get your digital activity fighting fit, our Digital Trade Advisers here in the East Midlands are offering face to face clinics at a location near you, where you can choose a specific topic for us to focus on.

To maximise and get the most out of the time during your clinic, we have chosen the top topics we see as being crucial to your We Are Digital strategy. All you need to do is choose your preferred time slot (one per company only) and chosen topic and leave the rest to us.


Our 1-2-1 Clinic Subject Options:

Below are the topics we can cover during your 1-2-1 session. You may select one option upon booking.


  1. Better measure and monitor your website’s traffic and what tools to use to help  
  Why is this important?
Tracking the traffic on your website will help you better understand what content is sought after by your audience and what you should focus on in the future. The more you analyse the traffic and the audience, the easier your informed decisions on what content to offer will be.
  What will we cover
Top tools to use for tracking and monitoring your website traffic, including a run through of Google Analytics 4.
  What you will take away
A roadmap of what to track and how to track key website analytics.


  2. Understand how well your technical SEO elements are performing in search engines  
  Why is this important?
If the technical SEO aspects of your website are not performing well, search engines such as Google will not be serving your pages to users who are searching for your products or services.
  What will we cover
We will audit the key technical SEO areas of your key website pages to determine what important improvements might need to be made.
  What you will take away
A check list of what’s working well / not so well highlighting areas that need improvement.


  3. Increase your brand visibility through social media and email campaigns  
  Why is this important?
Social media and email campaigns are a cost effective and vital for helping to drive traffic to our website to engage with potential customers and help sales conversion.
  What will we cover
Deciding on a social strategy and audience and selecting a channel. How to structure email campaigns and who to target.
  What you will take away
Strategic tips on how and when to use email and social media campaigns to fast track your customer reach.


  4. Start, grow, scale and find international online marketplaces  
  Why is this important?
Online marketplaces provide access to millions of customers that already purchase from the platforms. The marketplaces are optimised and localised for overseas purchasers.
  What will we cover
How to find and onboard with relevant marketplaces for your products.
  What you will take away
A list of online marketplaces that are suitable for your products and target overseas markets.


  5. Optimise your website experience to generate more traffic and conversions  
  Why is this important?
Optimising your website not only brings traffic to your website but also helps convert visitors into prospects and customers. which helps to complete their goals and calls to action on the website.
  What will we cover
An audit of your website journey, from when visitors land on it, to goal conversion – aligning with best practice and your website objectives.
  What you will take away
A check list of what’s working well / not so well highlighting areas that need improvement.


  6. Understand how visible your website is for international traffic  
  Why is this important?
Many UK businesses have a UK centric website which doesn’t reach desired audiences in other countries, yet it has the potential to reach 4.6bn internet users worldwide.
  What will we cover
Top tips on how to structure your website for international traffic.
  What you will take away
A roadmap of recommendations to get your website fit for international reach.



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  We Are Digital: 1-2-1 Clinics  
  Dates: 17th and 18th May 2022  
  Times: from 10am - 15.45pm  
  Locations: Derbyshire and Leicestershire  
  Cost: Free  

Contact DIT East Midlands

  If you have any queries relating to international trade why not contact us. With staff in offices across the globe and Trade Advisers in every East Midlands county, we can help you find the answers.  
  email: events@tradeEM.co.uk  
  call: 0345 052 4001  
  visit: great.gov.uk  
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How to register

These exclusive clinics will take place over two days at two seperate locations.

Attendance is free but places are limited, so use the link below to secure your place at the day that suits you the best.

Tuesday 17th May: Derbyshire   Wednesday 18th May: Leicestershire
Holiday Inn South Normanton
M1 Junction 28
South Normanton
DE55 2EH

Unit 5 Merus Court
Meridian Business Park
LE19 1RJ

Register   Register

Please note that priority will be given to businesses based in the East and West Midlands regions, and that your place is not guaranteed until you receive confirmation from us.

For any other export related enquiries contact the Department for International Trade East Midlands at events@tradeEM.co.uk or call 0345 052 4001.

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