Reinventing Plastics – Closing the Circle

Policy in practice – conference cups deposit return scheme:

The “Reinventing Plastics – Closing the Circle” conference will be doing its bit to demonstrate a possible use of plastic in a circular economy. 

We shall be implementing a micro-scale deposit return scheme (DRS) for reusable plastic cups. Use of a cup will require a €1 deposit, redeemable on return at the ‘cup distribution and collection centre’ or on entry to the main auditorium. Deposit-return schemes are market based instruments which can be an effective way to minimise plastic waste and support greater reuse and recycling of plastics – not just for cups but a broad range of plastic products. The role of deposit return schemes and examples of successful implementation will be presented and discussed at the conference. Help make a success of the conference plastic cup DRS and have your Euros ready!