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Submission process and categories

  • All proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Steering Committee, including a pre-selection process.
  • The ICII 2024 will take place as an in-person event.
  • Proposals need to make a compelling case on how the related proposals will add value to the shared knowledge base and drive market development.
  • Proposals for individual presentations and full sessions can only be submitted through the online submission form available from the conference website. To submit a proposal, please complete the form in English. Please note that no other format can be accepted.
  • An electronic version of a draft paper, presentation or other explanatory document must be attached in Acrobat (PDF) format.

Proposals can be submitted under the following two categories:

A) Full session

The conference organisers invite proposals that cover a full 90-minute session. The hosting organisation will be named in the agenda and conference report as a content partner of the conference. If you would like to host a full session, please submit a draft outline of the session to the conference organisers, using the proposal submission form. The proposal must include speakers and the facilitator, as well as the key questions to be discussed.

The content of these sessions must focus on a specific topic addressing specific questions that are relevant to a broader audience. Proposals should include concrete objectives for the session. Submissions based on the details of actual results are preferred. Panellists must represent a broad range of stakeholders and/or have a broad geographic background, as well as gender diversity.

  • Up to four speakers/facilitators will be granted admission free of charge.
  • Speakers/facilitators must be confirmed by 31 August 2024 at the latest. Otherwise, the session might be replaced.
  • The hosting organisation will be responsible for inviting speakers and organising the session in coordination with the conference organisers.
  • The travel and accommodation costs of speakers/facilitators must be covered by the hosting organisation if necessary. The conference organisers are not responsible for covering such expenses.
  • Breakout rooms for the session will be allocated by the conference organisers. Breakout room arrangements cannot be changed.

A) Individual presentation

The organisers invite proposals for individual presentations of around 15-20 minutes, which will be combined with other related presentations in one session. Proposals for individual presentations must include concrete lessons learnt and recommendations for the audience. Submissions based on the details of actual results are preferred.


Registration of speakers, participation fees and travel/accommodation

A limited number of speakers and facilitators will receive free entry to the conference (*does not apply to the pitching session). The speakers must be registered by 15 September 2024 at the latest. Speakers in the pitching session will have to pay the regular participation fee. The conference organisers are not responsible for the speakers’ travel, hotel and visa arrangements.

Limited funding is available upon application for economy-class travel and hotel expenses of speakers and facilitators from non-profit organisations (excluding large national and international donor organisations). Applications for travel grants (category B, individual presentations only) cannot be accepted after a proposal has been submitted. There is no limit to the number of abstracts that can be submitted by an organisation, though travel grants are limited to one speaker per non-profit organisation. For details of travel grants for speakers and facilitators, please consult the conference website -> Information for speakers and session hosts.

 Timeline and acceptance

Submission deadline for proposals and draft papers 9 May 2024
Notification of proposals on the shortlist31 July 2024
Confirmation of speakers for sessions hosted by third parties31 August 2024
Finalization of agenda – replacement of incomplete sessions15 September 2024
Submission of draft presentations and final papers 15 October 2024



How to submit or review a proposal: 

1. Please click on "Continue" to login, create a new user account or to edit or review proposals.
2. Click on "Submissions" to view and edit your proposals.
3. Click on "Add new" to add a new proposal.
4. If you would like to finalize your proposal at a later stage, just click on "Save and continue later".
5. Please do not forget to upload a document to proof your non-profit status in case you apply for travel expenses.
6. Please do not forget to upload an explanatory document for your proposal (e.g. draft paper or presentation).
7. Click on "Save & submit" once your submission is complete. You will not be able to edit the proposal afterwards. 
8. Please read the additional information on the different types of proposals carefully above.
9. For questions, please contact info@munichre-foundation.org.