Young Leader Forum Please register latest by October 20th

7 - 9 December 2017

Munich, Germany

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Ready to unlock your innovative mindset? You've landed well!

The Young Leader Forum is a forward-looking initiative,  established by young people for young people: a 3-day (free-of-charge) adventure to discuss the emerging megatrends that will shape our future.

Participants from different backgrounds and organisations (industry, academia, public institutions) will have the opportunity to exchange best practices and insights on innovation, through various activities.


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What to expect?

Get ready for an exciting and challenging event with business games, keynote speeches, round tables, evening business projects, networking sessions, coaching, social activities…and fun!

Throughout the event, participants will work on a business project which will lead to a final presentation in front of a top management panel.

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Young leaders wanted!

We are looking for passionate and motivated talents having acquired one to ten years’ professional experience.

Are you afraid of taking risks? Are you in love with your routine and comfort zone?

Well... we are searching for the opposite: if you are eager to step up, have an open mindset and a tolerance for ambiguity, we invite you to submit your application!

Please be aware that seats are limited. After the review of all applications, we will contact the selected participants (beginning of November). 

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What are we going to address?

Artificial Intelligence
The servant has overruled the master, the age of superior human being intelligence is nearing an end. How will it be to relinquish control of our future into the hands of machines? What will our world and workplace look like once AI has reached its full potential ? What will change in your life once your personal AI is capable of making completely rational choices on your behalf? How are we going to control, regulate and influence AI to ensure that its contribution to our world and our lives will remain ethical and beneficial to human beings ?

For the curious ones, please click here 

Cities of the Future
Cities and the future urban landscape will be our playground, our horizon and our home. Imagine megacities in 2030 in which hundreds of millions of people are living. Will we commute to our workplace in fully autonomous flying vehicles or travel long distances in high speed underground vehicles? Will we manage our resources jointly with our neighbours within independent communities or leave this in the hands of a central intelligent entity? Where will the energy come from : water, solar energy, wind, algae, clones running in wheels ? Will it look like Minority Report’s Washington D.C or the 5th Element’s New York City ?

For the curious ones, please click here

Augmented Humans
From robotic, to biological and digital improvement; humans are the new experimentation field. Let´s try to imagine a world in which we have cognitive augmentation thanks to AI, physical improvement thanks to robotics and exo-skeletons, physiological improvement thanks to nano-technology ? How do we envisage working along-side ‘cyborgs’ and ‘super-humans’ ? What should we focus on in order to ensure that we remain useful and relevant in a world where our memory skills, our mathematical capabilities and physical strength don´t matter anymore ?

For the curious ones, please click here

Digital world
VR, AR, haptic touch, blockchain… are changing the world in which we live, work, trade, entertain, interact and feel. Tomorrow, you will enjoy stadium sport evenings from your couch as if you were there, hold meetings with your colleagues' by means of a digital avatar, be in constant visual, tactile, hearing, smelling, (maybe - that is up to you...) tasting contact with the rest of the world regardless of where you are. How will the evolution of this immaterial ‘non-real’ world will affect us and impact us? How can we exploit these advancements to improve our general well-being ? What do we need to anticipate to ensure a smooth and safe transition into this brand new dimension ?

For the curious ones, please click here

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Location of the event

The event will take place in the Munich area (Germany). More information will be communicated to participants

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About this initiative

We are a team of young volunteers at Airbus craving for creativity and passionate about reshaping the world. That is why we've decided to bring together promising young talent to engage them in a relaxed and out-of-the-box event. 

Dress code: Authentic. Business or sneakers, bold questions and crazy ideas allowed.

Entry: The Young Leader Forum is free of charge, catering included. In exchange, we expect you to actively participate and commit to the 3-day event. Please be aware that accommodation and travel costs will remain at your expense.

Top-ranked skills most sought-after: problem-solving, creativity, analytical, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial spirit, ability to navigate uncertainty with ease.

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Contact Details

YLF Organisation team