VulnerABLE - 
Final Dissemination Conference
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rue Gineste 3, 1210 Brussels, Belgium
7th November 2017
Event Details
08:30 - 17:00
Event Description
The VulnerABLE project is a two-year pilot initiative of the European Commission (DG SANTE), run by ICF, in partnership with EuroHealthNet, the UCL Institute of Health Equity, the European Public Health Alliance, Social Platform and GfK. The aim of the project is to investigate the most effective strategies for improving the health of people living in isolated and vulnerable situations in the European Union. The project focuses on the health needs of nine main vulnerable groups.

The purpose of the conference is to bring all the results, discussions and outputs of the project together and disseminate them across a wide spectrum of stakeholders. It will also provide an opportunity to reflect on these issues and define future priorities in the EU.

Relevant stakeholders will attend the conference, including: national, regional and local authorities from Members States; health providers; NGOs and civil society organisations working in the field of health inequalities and vulnerable persons; the European Commission and other EU institutions.