Towards New Standards Symposium 2019
Dear colleagues,

We want to welcome you to this third edition of the Towards New Standards Symposium, in which we will focus on the screening and treatment of early colorectal cancer.

The implementation of screening programs has led to an increased detection of precursor lesions and localized cancers. There is also an intriguing rise in colorectal cancer incidence at a young age, which should lead us to a debate about the current age limits for screening.

Organ-sparing strategies for the treatment of early rectal cancer, such as local ablative techniques, are challenging the role of laparoscopic segmental resections. Especially if we consider the risk of LARS after TME, these techniques are appealing.

By defining the metastatic potential of early lesions, treatment and follow-up can be tailored in order to avoid overtreatment and treatment-related morbidity, but also the risk of undertreatment or even no treatment at all.

This interactive meeting aims to offer you the latest scientific evidence and algorithms to fuel your local multidisciplinary discussions. Understanding the shortcomings of current strategies will help us all to have a better understanding of ongoing research.

As your local hosts, it is our pleasure to welcome this international panel of experts: Prof. A. Spinelli (Milan), Prof. Y. Panis (Paris), Prof. T. Maughan (Oxford), Prof. P. Quirke (Leeds), Prof. P. Tzarkov (Moscow), Prof. R.O. Perez (Sao Paulo).

Looking forward to welcoming all of you in Leuven,
On behalf of the Leuven hosting faculty,

Prof. A. D’Hoore
Prof. A.M. Wolthuis

The hosts of the Symposium University Hospitals Leuven

André D’Hoore MD, PhD
Albert Wolthuis MD, PhD
Gabriele Bislenghi MD

Abdominal Surgery

Eric Van Cutsem MD, PhD
Sabine Tejpar MD, PhD
Jeroen Dekervel MD, PhD

GI Oncology

Raf Bisschops MD, PhD
Interventional Endoscopy

Vincent Vandecaveye MD, PhD
Elleke Dresen MD, PhD


Karin Haustermans MD, PhD
Philippe Bulens MD

Radiation Oncology

Xavier Sagaert MD, PhD