Showcase Conference on Tourism
Marketplace Concept
The aim of the event is to showcase the added-value of EU support for tourism projects. Fourteen good practices developed under the tourism calls of the COSME programme will be presented in the Marketplace during two sessions of 1 hour each.
• These two sessions will be organized around the following themes: "Connecting Europe through public and private partnerships" and "Connecting Europe through innovation".
• During each session of one hour of the Marketplace, you will be able to attend 3 different project presentations of 15 min each. During registration, you will be able to select your preferred projects to attend.
All showcased tourism projects will be presented 3 times, within 15 min slots at different tables/stands in a creative and innovative way to groups. Timekeeping of all the presentations will be ensured. 
o 2 market place sessions (10:45-11:45 and 14:30-15:30),
o 3 projects during each session to choose,
o Total of 6 projects to attend.