Interreg Annual Meeting 2019

22 May 2019 - from 14:30 to 17:00
(transfers will be organized from the venue)


Cross-Border Project*

JEROME project benefited from ~6 mil. euro from Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme to help save lives in the border area by mitigating risks. The project improves the quality of response and recovery in case of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) events.  Romanian and Bulgarian intervention units were provided with identical detection mobile equipment as well as the means for rapid deployment and efficient containment. Interoperability at all levels is ensured on both sides of the border. A regional environmental forensic laboratory which acts as certifying analytical support body for the region (RENFLAB) was initiated. 
The project will showcase an exercise, by simulating a CBRN event where the joint Romanian and Bulgarian teams will intervene to control the situation. 

*This visit is organized on a boat and is accessible for 50 persons only - first registered, first served. Please also make sure to wear appropriate shoes.

Transnational Project*

Danube STREAM benefited from ~2 mil. euro from the Danube Transnational Programme to ensure a transnational harmonization of smart traffic infrastructure information for the Danube. Data about fairway conditions from all Danube countries helps vessel operators to optimise their voyage and transport planning. An efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation network (Danube and its navigable tributaries) was established by further developing effective waterway infrastructure management. In addition to consolidating common standards and tools, the project’s results and outputs include user-oriented information services. These enable rapid information transfer on the quality of the waterway’s infrastructure. 
The project will showcase how vessels use in their navigation the data obtained via the Danube STREAM project. 

*This visit is accessible for 100 persons only - first registered, first served. For security reasons, no heels will be allowed for participants of this project visit.

Interregional Project

Nano-technologies and new materials (NMP) are a cornerstone of EU policy for innovation and advanced manufacturing. As one of the Key Enabling Technologies, the EU believes that NMP can reverse negative growth trends in manufacturing and foster growth and jobs.
NMP-REG benefits from ~1,4 mil. from INTERREG EUROPE and groups partners from 5 regions, who want to face this challenge together. Their overall objective is to improve regional policies for delivery of innovation in NMP to manufacturing. 
NMP-REG works towards a medium/long-term impact of creating a regional system that can support the manufacturing sector in applying NMP research to create new products/services; create places of work; promote a market for improved and cost efficient products. NMP-REG focuses on policy actions that can support innovation delivery, using coordinated action from key players.

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    • UPB - Splaiul Independentei nr.313, corp JA, etaj 1, sector 6, 060042, Bucuresti. The event will take place at UPB headquarters.
    • UEFISCDI - Str. Mendeleev nr. 21-25, Sector 1, Cod 010362, București