Interreg Annual Meeting 2019
Venue information

Venue: Palace of Parliament - Entrance C1
The C1 entrance is located on the corner between Bulevardul Națiunile Unite and Bulevardul Libertății.

Important security rules

Each participant must register through 2 different platforms. One is the event registration system, the other is the Parliament security registration system. Please note that this second one, does not belong to the European Commission system. You will find both registration links here.

Be aware that without both processes completed, and without our confirmation you will not be able to enter the building.

We therefore advise you not to book any travel or accommodation before receiving your final confirmation of registration. 

Please note that it can take up to 10 days to be processed and for us to confirm your registration.

At the venue

The welcome and registration desk where you can collect your conference badge will be located before security X-ray checks at the entrance of the venue.

Access & Security
All participants will need to pass through security checks before entering the meeting rooms. Please be sure to arrive at the venue well in advance in order to have enough time to reach the venue and pass through security.
Complimentary Wi-Fi access will be available at the venue. You will be provided with all network details at the registration desk.
Cloakrooms will be available next to the entrance. You are strongly advised to leave your luggage and valuables at the hotel or to keep them with you.
The languages of the event will be English, German, French and Romanian.

Please note that simultaneous translation will be provided during the plenary session in all four languages. The workshops will be held in English only
Travel & Accommodation
Unless stated otherwise in your inviation, no travel/accommodation costs will be covered for participants.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all participants throughout the two days.

How to reach the venue ?

Participants must make their own way from the airport to the event venue. Organisers will not reimburse any transportation costs for your stay in Bucharest.

Please note that there often are severe traffic jams in Bucharest. We thus advise you to foresee enough time for any transfer.



These trains connect Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport and Bucharest North Railway Station. The passengers can reach the CFR “Airport Stop” by shuttle buses departing from the Arrivals Terminal. Tickets for the train/transfer bus are available at the ticket office located in the International Arrivals public area, as well as from all the railway station ticket offices and travel agencies in the country. One ticket costs 6,8 lei.
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The 780 Express line connects the airport with the Gara de Nord (main railway station) and the 783 Express line connects th airport with the city center. This line runs day and night. The price for one trip is 3,5 lei. You can also purchase the magnetic card which is valid for two travels and costs 7 lei.
Airport stops are in front of the Arrivals Terminal and Departures Terminal.
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Passengers who arrive at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport have at their disposal authorized taxi companies, with a price range between 1,39 - 3,50 lei/km, without previous order. There are taxis mined up at the exist, we recommend though to use the touch-screen terminals for taxi order placed at your disposal for taxi orders, at the exit of the terminal. You can see the taxi numbers on the car itself.
Taxi prices are written on the cab doors, check before you get in. Most cabs are 1.39 per km but some are 3.50 - with no additional quality. Additionally, make sure the meter is switched on before setting off.  Also make sure that you have small bills on you. Most taxis take only cash.  Ask before you get in if you want to pay by card or SMS.  
Hotels and restaurants can call for a taxi for you, which come quickly, usually within 10 minutes.  You can also wave one down on the street if there is a green light on the taxi sign indicating it is available. 

For more information on the rates, see this table.

Official Bucharest taxi companies are Meridian (021 9444), Cristaxi (021 9466), Speed Taxi (021 9744) and Cobalcescu (021 9451). While English may be spoken, do not rely on it. As such, it is worth downloading a taxi app before leaving home. There are two we recommend: Star Taxi and Clever Taxi. Both apps offer cheap and reliable taxis from a wide range of Bucharest taxi companies.

You can visualise a map of the airport (Arrivals level) here.


You can take the bus line 123 from the stop Gara de Nord at the exit of the train station and get off at the stop Pod Izvor. From there it is a 15-minute walk to the venue. You can see below the map to reach the venue.

You can also reach the venue by taxi. When arriving in Gara de Nord follow the signs leading to the authorised taxi station located at the end of the corridor that heads down the train station. If you are approached by people offering taxi services and trying to negotiate the price, refuse.


From the bus/metro stop Pod Izvor: