now taking place 13-16 September 2021

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Welcome to a new spirit for a new era.

The GLOBAL CURRENCY FORUM, created by the ICA, is a future-focused, thought leadership event addressing the future role of cash in a rapidly changing payment landscape.

A content-rich, multi-platform experience, the GLOBAL CURRENCY FORUM will showcase innovation and new technologies, share global best practices, offer sustainable solutions, and host frank and controversial conversations.


The Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis is impacting all facets of life, which makes the importance of our defense of and advocacy for cash even greater. It is also, sadly, becoming increasingly clear that travel restrictions and other measures will continue in many countries and many organizations for weeks and months to come. As stewards of the first ever not-for-profit and industry-led forum on cash, the Global Currency Forum, we are sure you will understand the necessity that we move the date of the event in order to see the widest possible participation. 
We have therefore decided to postpone the in-person event until September 13-16, 2021. The venue will remain the Fairmont hotel in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, Spain. Further updates will be available on the website soon.
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Event News

We are excited to provide you with regular updates on confirmed speakers in this section of the website

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Bio of George Harrap
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Bio of Bill Maurer Harrap
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Innovation has been at the heart of the industry for decades. As we continue to evolve as an industry, so too does technology, resulting in the fast-changing world we live in. And with change come questions:

  • What is the future role of cash as a public good in economies across the globe?
  • Can societies afford to lose the specific characteristics of cash, which acts as a form of power sharing between governments, central banks, businesses and individual citizens?
  • How can we as the currency industry reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability?
  • How will digitalisation increase the efficiency of the cash cycle?
  • Will a combination of cash and digital payments soon require a completely different approach to a digital currency cycle
         CLICK HERE to see how the event is shaping up
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There are no simple answers to these complex questions. We believe in shaping the future of our industry together, and look forward to intense debates. Through collaboration, through open and constructive discussions and by involving a large number of players both inside and outside of the industry, we are putting together a program that will offer different views, outside perspectives and surprising insights.

The GLOBAL CURRENCY FORUM will champion 360º perspectives, inviting participation from beyond the traditional currency industry players in order to encourage meaningful debate, understand different perspectives and hold bigger and more controversial conversations.

Above all, it is an opportunity for all players – however large or small to have their voices heard. Wherever you sit on the currency supply chain – from central banks to cash management companies – the GLOBAL CURRENCY FORUM will empower you to challenge the status quo and help lead the industry into the future.

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The International Currency Association exists to create a coherent voice for the currency industry – covering design, production, manufacturing and distribution. We are the first industry body of its kind with a membership made up of businesses that span the sector.

Our aims are to:

  • Help balance the conversation about future payments
  • Raise the profile of cash as a vital part of the monetary landscape
  • Bring together the thought leaders, influencers and innovators shaping the future of the industry.

Find out more about the ICA

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