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Digitalisation - the driver of growth for tourism businesses
How to access finance, enhance your skills and digitalise your tourism business
Friday 15 March 2019
PT Meeting Centre- Auditorium II  
The EU tourism sector is going through a continuous transformation triggered by digitalisation, which irreversibly changes how tourism works. Consumers increasingly use digital technologies to search, book, communicate and share their holiday experience. Therefore, if tourism businesses want to remain competitive in the long term, they need to modernise and adapt to the digital revolution. So where does this leave small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) within the tourism industry? Leading experts from the tourism industry, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders will be giving their views on the subject during an event organised by the European Commission
The event will address different topics related to how digitalisation can help the sustainable development of tourism businesses, particularly SMEs, providing an opportunity for SMEs to learn how digitalisation can help their business grow, stay relevant to consumer expectations and how to engage better with consumers. It will also provide information about how they can enhance their skills for digital tourism as well as where and what type of financial support is available for tourism SMEs to digitalise their business. All the sessions will be held in Portuguese, except the Opening Speech (in English). 
Workshop will be moderated by Conceição Antunes holds a degree in Social Communication from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She has been a writer for Futuro magazine, specialized in science and technology, and has collaborated with several informatics publications. She was also a journalism teacher in secondary schools. He is currently a journalist for the newspaper Expresso, where he has been since 1993.