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Do you want to directly engage your clients and gain new business?

Sponsoring Airlines 2050 provides you with the opportunity to be at the forefront of delegates' minds as they reflect on their strategies and plan for their future success.

Our packages of high profile branding can be tailored to ensure you meet and influence the people who are going to ensure the growth of your business now and in the future.

With a clear understanding of your overall business strategy, our sponsorship team partners with you to develop a bespoke sponsorship solution that meets your objectives.

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       For sponsorship enquiries, contact

Rebecca Covey
Head of Sales Sponsorship
Email: rebecca.covey@flightglobal.com

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Benefits include:

Exceptional Demographics: The event audience comprises airline CEOs, MEPs and media 
Exclusive Access: All sponsorship packages include delegate passes, allowing suppliers to access the event 
Optimum Networking: The conference is designed to facilitate discussion and high-level networking >
Unbelievable Value: Elevate your company’s presence before, during and after the event. An excellent opportunity to meet industry leaders who are responsible for the third largest aviation network in the world.

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