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Keynote speaker: Tālis Juhna 

Tālis Juhna is a Professor and Vice-Rector for Research at Riga Technical University and professor of water technologies. He has participated in several European-scale research projects; is an editorial Board of several international scientific journals; has worked as a consultant for industry, and has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers and books. He is among the Top 10 Latvian scientists of 2013, as listed by “Ir” magazine.

Professor Talis Juhna obtained the Degree of Doctor of Engineering (EngD) in Water Technologies in 2002 in Sweden. He has created one of the most advanced Water research laboratory’s in the Baltic States. He has received several awards, including New scientist 2006 of the RTU, an award of Latvian Academy of Sciences and JSC Latvijas Gaze for contribution to sciences and ITERA award. As Vice-Rector for Sciences at RTU he facilities scientific and industrial cooperation and integration of science and innovations in university.

Successful start-up speaker supported by EIT Health: Sergey Jakimov, CEO of Koatum

Successful start-up speaker supported by EIT Food: Enno Ence

Successful start-up speaker supported by EIT RawMaterials: Solvita Kostjukova

Solvita Kostjukova is co-founder and CEO of venture ALINA. ALINA uses innovative zero waste technology to manufacture ALINA LIFE products, available for interior and exterior architectural paint and coating producers to reduce and substitute hazardous chemicals and heavy metals in readymade products.
ALINA company is supported by EIT RawMaterials and is finalist of INNOVEIT 2017, awarded as Start-up of the Year of the German-Latvian Business Award 2018 and ranked among the Top 25 Cleantech Companies in Europe.
Solvita's core competencies are deep-science commercialization and product development, 10+ years of science management experience, PhD cand. in mathematical modelling, and 4 years of social entrepreneurship under the LUDE brand.  

Speakers at the Panel discussion: