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Airbus Bartolomeo Webinar

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Aug 4, 2020

09:00-10:00 am MST
11:00-12:00 pm EST
04:00-05:00 pm UTC
05:00-06:00 pm CET

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A True SmallSat Alternative:
The Bartolomeo All-in-One Space Mission Service

Join us for this free-of-charge webinar and learn all about the Bartolomeo Service, that can have your payload orbiting on the 'front porch' of the International Space Station within a matter of months. Bill Corley and Christian Steimle of our Bartolomeo team will host this webinar and will cover the following topics

  • What is the Bartolomeo All-in-One Space Mission Service, and what is the mission's status?
  • What type of Space missions can be accomodated by Bartolomeo?
  • What are the options in terms of payload size, weight and other specs? What are the constraints?

In an extensive Q&A session, Christian and Bill will be available to answer any questions you may have live online.

Could a payload slot on Bartolomeo be an alternative for your LEO mission? REGISTER NOW and find out!

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About Bartolomeo

Attached to the ISS Columbus Module, Bartolomeo is the station’s newest payload hosting platform. The Bartolomeo all-in-one mission service includes technical support in preparing the payload, launch and installation, operations and data transfer as well as an optional return to Earth.

Payload launches will start from 2020, slots are now available for booking – while capacity lasts.

Bartolomeo Website

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Your Speakers

This webinar will be hosted jointly by

William (Bill) Corley
Director, Business Development
Airbus Space Systems in Houston, TX, USA

Dr. Christian Steimle, PMP
Bartolomeo Business and Service Manager
Airbus Space Systems in Bremen, Germany

Contact the Bartolomeo Team

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