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Market Insight –
Women in Construction

DIT Sweden is hosting a half-day event consisting of two key notes and two panel discussions on the theme of Women in Construction, aiming to facilitate knowledge exchange, stimulate ideas and give UK and Swedish stakeholders’ insight into the two markets. 

A range of speakers, from the private sector, civil society and other organisations, will offer their perspectives on the markets, both in the UK and in Sweden. Together, our panellists will discuss their experiences and the challenges they face as women in their professions, in the office and on site. The speakers, from both Sweden and the UK, will give their unique insights into the differences and similarities in the two markets. 

The webinar will be an opportunity for UK and Swedish actors to share knowledge and experiences with each other, and gain valuable insights into different aspects of the construction sectors in both countries.


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Wednesday, 26 May 2021
13:00 -16:30 CET


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