JSEC Conference 2020
Navigating through a Sea of Data – Challenges for Secure and Efficient Reinforcement
and Military Mobility in Europe/NATO
29-30 September 2020, Germany
NATO faces a new, although not totally unknown challenge in enabling strategic reinforcements for the European Theatre, especially given the burden of a vast and heterogeneous information sphere, national responsibilities for critical infrastructure, digitisation in commerce and transport, and missing (legal) provisions for frictionless military mobility in a larger scale. Situational awareness is at stake.
This two-day conference focuses on stock-taking and experiences in preparation of upcoming exercises, identifying needs and requirements with regard to information standardisation and Cyber Security, and learning about best practices from industry both for their own global logistics as well as for commercial options in support of military mobility. 
The EU projects for a “military Schengen area” will also have to be addressed.
This event will bring together a number of stakeholders from NATO (various institutions), from EU, and from national military authorities, as well as global logistics providers and the information technology industry.