TechNet Europe Lisbon 2021
Event organised by AFCEA Europe in cooperation with the AFCEA Portugal Chapter and
held under the patronage of the Minister of Defence, Portugal.
Challenging Times for National Security –
Technologies for Better Cyber Defence and Battlefield Resilience

 This event will be 100% virtual.


At AFCEA Europe’s flagship annual event, actual needs, developments and solutions are discussed in the area of military C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance), and governmental Cyber Security and Defence from a European and transatlantic perspective.

This unclassified conference brings together each year more than two hundred high-ranking experts and representatives from national and international defence and security organizations, from NATO as well as the EU, a range of knowledge institutions and many industry representatives. Traditionally, the Minister of Defence of the host nation takes patronage of the event and usually opens the conference, giving the most important keynote speech.
In the vast field of emerging technologies and constant challenges in C4/C5ISR some of today’s most pressing issues for Portugal, Europe, and the transatlantic relationship could be addressed (amongst others) during this two-day conference in keynotes and panel discussions:
- EU, NATO and national responses in a new threat landscape
- Selected PESCO projects, such as the Cyber Knowledge and Innovation Hub
- The recent push for digitalisation and other technologies in government and military
- Edge computing for the battlefield
- Artificial Intelligence on the battlefield
- Digitalisation on the battlefield
- Resilient military communications
- New Training Initiatives for more Cyber Resilience
- Transatlantic technology partnership


Session 1: A Nation’s Cyber Defence – Never Successful Alone

Including a panel on:
- New approaches/strategies in Cyber Security (post-Covid-19)


Session 2: Digital Resilience on the Battlefield – It Is a Must! 

Including panels on:
Challenges of Chief Digital Officers Today – How to Proceed with the Digitalisation of Forces?
- On Resilience-Supporting Technologies/Deployable CIS solutions/Edge computing/Combat cloud

Among the confirmed speakers:

- Dr. João Gomes Cravinho, Minister of National Defence, Portugal
- Admiral António Silva Ribeiro, Chief of Defence, Armed Forces, Portugal
- Rear Admiral António Gameiro Marques, Director-General, National Security Authority (GNS), Portugal
- Mr. John Sherman, Chief Information Officer, Department of Defence, USA
- Lieutenant General Dennis A. Crall, J6 Joint Chief of Staff, USA
- Major General Jorge Côrte-Real Andrade, Subdirector-General of National Defence Resources, Ministry of Defence, Portugal
- Major General Giovanni Manione, Deputy Director General of the EUMS
- Dr. Garry Hargreaves, Director, NATO NCI Academy
- Dr. Johann Schmid, Director CoI Strategy and Defence, European Centre of Excellence, Countering Hybrid Threats, Finland
- Dr. Daniel Fiott, EU Institute for Security Studies
- Brigadier General João António Campos Rocha, Director of CIS, EMGFA, Portugal
- Commodore João Paulo Ramalho Marreiros, Head of Research and Development Centre, Military University Institute (IUM), Portugal
- Brigadier General Michael Gschossmaan, General Manager NATO AEW&C Programme Management Agency (NAPMA)
- Brigadier General Frank Pieper, Chief Digital Officer Army at the German Army Headquarters, Strausberg, Germany
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