TechNet Europe Lisbon 2020
Event organised by AFCEA Europe in cooperation with the AFCEA Portugal Chapter and
held under the patronage of the Minister of Defence, Portugal.
Challenging Times for National Security –
Technologies for Better Cyber Defence, Sustainable Workforce and Battlefield Resilience

This conference and exposition will be held as a hybrid event. There are no changes to the date so far. Hope to see you there live....or join us as a virtual participant.
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In the vast field of emerging technologies and constant challenges in C4/C5ISR some of today’s most pressing issues for Portugal, Europe, and the transatlantic relationship could be addressed (amongst others) during this two-day conference in keynotes and panel discussions:
- Newest challenges in the Cyber defence and hybrid threat area
- The transatlantic relationship, EU and NATO responses to the threat landscape
- PESCO projects, such as the Cyber Knowledge and Innovation Hub
- Lessons identified from the COVID-19 pandemic – a push for digitalization in government and military
- Modern options for Cyber and IT talents recruitment, education, training and retaining for a the capable workforce for Government and Military
- Secure mobile working/working from home
- Multi-Domain Operations
- Artificial Intelligence on the battlefield
- Digitalization on the battlefield
- Resilient military communications
Session 1: The Defence and Security Situation Post-COVID 19 - Lessons to be Learned
Session 2: Challenges in Nation’s Cyber Defense
Session 3: How to Create a Sustainable Workforce?
Session 4: More Resilience on the Battlefield – It Is a Must!
Featured Speakers:
- Mr. João Gomes Cravinho, Minister of National Defence, Portugal
- Admiral António Silva Ribeiro, Chief of Defence, Portugal
- Mr. António Gameiro Marques, DG of the National Information Security Authority (CNCS)
Possible speaking opportunity - You can submit an abstract for consideration for a speaking role in the conference programme, provided that the submitter can deliver the required profile and level of speaker required.