European Centre of Expertise (ECE) in the field of Labour Law, Employment and Labour Market Policies

ECE Annual Conference: Perspectives of collective rights in Europe

Friday 16 March 2018, 09:00 - 16:45 

Sheraton Offenbach Hotel

Am Buesing Palais

Berliner Strasse 111

63065 Offenbach am Main


Event Description

Thank you for your interest in the ECE Annual Conference: Perspectives of collective rights in Europe which will be hosted at the Sheraton Offenbach Hotel in Offenbach/Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The Conference will reflect on obstacles to the creation and effectiveness of European Works Councils and to that end also discuss good practices. It will explore the role of the social partners in the context of transnational collective agreements. The conference will also provide an overview and discuss the various systems of boardroom participation as well as the different models governing the interrelationship between statutory law, collective agreements and contracts of employment that exist across the EU Member States.

The Conference will bring together a large pool of EU Member State and EEA country representatives, academics, practitioners, trade unions, employers’ organisations and representatives of the European Commission. 

Thematic Paper - Identifying obstacles to European Works Councils´ creation and effectiveness – are there lessons to be learnt from some national jurisdictions?
Thematic Paper - Transnational collective agreements: the role of trade unions and employers´ associations
Thematic Paper - Board level employee representation in Europe: an overview
Thematic Paper - Statutes, collective agreements and contracts of employment: a look into the hierarchy of labour law norms