Cardiology, Diabetes & Nephrology at the Limits 2020


Professor Derek Yellon Professor John Cunningham Professor Stephanie Baldeweg Professor Brian Rayner
The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute
University College London, UK
UCL Medical School
& The Royal Free Hospital, UK
University College London Hospitals
London, UK
The University of Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa

Professor Mpiko Ntsekhe Dr Peter Libby Dr Marc Pfeffer Dr Richard Horton
The University of Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa
Brigham and Women's Hospital &
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet
London, UK

Saturday, 31 October 2020
8:30 am Badge Collection & Coffee
9:00 am Welcome to the event
The Chairs
  The Lancet Lecture:
Prevention from an early age – a ‘no brainer’, but who will listen?
Professor John Deanfield
University College London, UK
  What makes us fat - the science of obesity
Professor Sir Stephen O'Rahilly
University of Cambridge, UK
  GLP-1 analogues - have the limits been reached? Their role in obesity.
Professor John Wilding
University of Liverpool, UK
  GLP-1 analogues - have the limits been reached? Their role in cardiovascular medicine.
Professor Mansoor Husain
University of Toronto, Canada
12:40 pm Lunch
  Industry Satellite Symposium (1hr 15 mins)
  How can we help the damaged kidney to regenerate?
Professor Ben Humphreys
Division of Nephrology, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, USA
  Taking atrial fibrillation to new limits!
Professor Corinna Brunckhorst
University of Zurich, Switzerland
  Diuretic resistance - new tricks for an old problem.
Professor Christopher Wilcox
Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Close & Buffet Dinner
Sunday, 1 November 2020
8:45 am Welcome to the event
The Chairs
9:00 am The Hatter Award Lecture:
HFpEF: looking back - forging forward.
Professor Marc Pfeffer
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
  What are the limits to the management of high BP in children & adolescents?
Professor Joseph Flynn
University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, Washington, USA
  The rise & fall, & possible resurrection of renal artery denervation for hypertension.
Professor Bernard Gersh
The Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA
  Kidney, heart and bone: does the crosstalk help or hinder?
Professor Sharon Moe
Division of Nephrology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, USA
12:10 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Have we reached the limits of lipid lowering? What next?
Dr Aruna Pradhan
Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA
  Clotting at the limits: the NOAC generation!
Professor Sonia Anand
McMaster University, Canada
  The Lionel Opie Lecture:
HIV as a cardiovascular risk factor.
Professor Mpiko Ntsekhe
University of Cape Town, South Africa
3:00 pm Close & Depart

The program and its educational value are endorsed by
The British Cardiovascular Society,
The South African Heart Association, The UK Renal Association,
The Lancet & Nature Reviews Cardiology

Cardiology, Diabetes and Nephrology at the Limits is supported by educational grants from the
Pharmaceutical Industry and other Medical Associations.
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