Cardiology, Diabetes & Nephrology at the Limits Canada 2021


Professor Derek Yellon Professor Dan Drucker Dr Mansoor Husain Dr Gary Lewis
University College London, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto, Banting & Best Diabetes Centre,
UK Toronto, Canada Canada Toronto, Canada
Professor Alice Cheng Professor John Cunningham Dr Peter Libby Professor Marc Pfeffer
University of Toronto,
UCL Medical School &
The Royal Free Hospital, UK
Brigham & Women’s Hospital &
Harvard Medical School, USA
Brigham & Women’s Hospital,
Professor Theresa McDonagh Professor Brian Rayner
King’s College London, UK The University of Cape Town, South Africa

Monday, 1 March
8:00 am

Breakfast & Coffee


Registration & Badge Collection

9:30 am

Welcome to the event

The Chairs


The Lancet Lecture:
100 years of insulin have we reached the limits?

Professor Bernard Zinman

Lunenfeld-Tanenbaun Research Institute & Mount Sinai Hospital & University of Toronto, Canada


Controlling cardiovascular risk factors in 2020-beyond glucose.

Professor Lawrence Leiter

St. Michael's Hospital & University of Toronto, Canada




Cardiac atheroma at the limits - are we fighting the final battle?

Professor Peter Libby

Brigham and Women's Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA


Industry Satellite Symposium.

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

Primordial cardiology in youth - what are the limits?

Professor John Deanfield

University College London, UK


The new genetics & therapies of dyslipidemias.

Professor Robert A Hegele

Robarts Research Institute, Ontario, Canada




Should metformin be first line therapy?

No: Professor Alice Cheng

University of Toronto, Canada


Yes: Professor Cliff Bailey

Aston University, UK


Cardiovascular mechanisms of GLP-1 and its emerging co-agonist partners.

Professor Dan Drucker

University of Toronto, Canada

5:30 pm Close & Buffet Dinner
Tuesday, 2 March
8:00 am

Breakfast & Coffee

9:00 am

Clinical benefit of Modern therapy for type 2 diabetes-GLP-1 analogues.

Professor Mansoor Husain

University of Toronto, Canada


The science of obesity, where might this lead clinical practice?

Professor Sean Wharton

Toronto East General Hospital, Canada


Surprising findings from clinical trials - cardiology, diebetes & nephrology.

Professor Marc Pfeffer

Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA




SGLT2i Cardiorenal mechanisms in diabetes and beyond.

Professor Julie Lovshin
University of Toronto, Canada


Industry Satellite Symposium.

1:25 pm Lunch
2:25 pm

Heart failure therapy - extending the limit!

Professor Teresa McDonagh
Kings College London, UK

Would you entrust your heart to a nephrologist or your kidneys to a cardiologist?

Professor Philip Kalra (Nephrologist)

University of Manchester, UK

Dr Paul Kalra (Nephrologist)

University of Portsmouth, UK
4:05 pm

Close & depart


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