25th Annual Meeting of the European Charcot Foundation, November 30 till December 2, 2017, Baveno (IT)
The 25th Annual Meeting via Live Stream

Interested in attending the 25th Annual Meeting but lacking time and/or insufficient travel funds?

Register for the Live Stream and participate in the Annual Meeting virtually or, alternatively, access the Live Stream recordings at a moment more convenient for you.

The full Annual Meeting Scientific Program will be streamed live: the Opening Lecture, all Sessions (1 to 8) and the Concluding Remarks. In addition, Young Investigators and Investigators are invited to present their poster for the live stream audience.

You can attend the Live Stream or view the Live Stream recordings at a moment convenient for you by subscribing to the brand new ECF eLearning platform.
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  • CME accredited live stream of the scientific sessions of the 25th Annual Meeting*
  • CME accredited one-hour webinars including a key note lecture and Q&A
  • 25th Annual Meeting scientific sessions (available on Friday 8 December 2017)
  • one-hour key note lectures
  • the 24th Annual Meeting sessions


  • articles or links to articles published by members of the wider ECF research community.
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* Some lectures might not be available via the live stream due to the presentation of unpublished data and the explicit request of the author of no recording.