Cities Forum 2017

The Covenant of Mayors: EU and global climate and energy objectives with and within cities

An integrated approach with Air Quality, Mobility, and Housing.


The setup of the new partnerships of the EU Urban Agenda, represents a chance to explore the links with the Covenant of Mayors framework, and what solutions Covenant signatories are already testing towards better regulation, better funding, and better knowledge exchange.
The Covenant of Mayors session during the EU Cities Forum will present the Covenant of Mayors’ Community, governance model, and capacity-building activities to the actors involved in the various partnerships and the wider public, so that they are fully aware of its potential and can use it as an amplifier, inspiration and implementation tool in their own endeavours.
The event will offer the opportunity to exchange about concrete EU challenges and bottlenecks that hamper local action on energy transition and climate adaptation, to share solutions developed by Covenant signatories, and to feedback to the cities and member states. It will highlight the benefits of an integrated approach to tackling climate adaptation and mitigation, stressing the links with air quality, urban mobility, and housing.

Format of the session

Setting the scene and moderation:

Angelika Poth-Mögele – Policy Director at CEMR, Partner of the Urban Agenda of the EU

The Covenant of Mayors: an impact-driven and inclusive Community

Discussion 1: How do cities use the tools provided by the Covenant of Mayors?
  • Szymon Tumielewicz, Deputy Director, Department of Sustainable Development and International Cooperation, Polish Ministry of Environment
  • Furio Honsell, Mayor of Udine and Covenant Political Board member
  • Anne-Sophie Hermansson, Mayor of Gothenburg (tbc)
Discussion 2: Cities’ contribution to the objectives of the partnerships through the Covenant of Mayors
  • Air quality: Constanta (tbc)
  • Urban Mobility: Wallonia Region (tbc) 
  • Housing: Tanja Wehsely, City Council Member, City of Vienna (tbc)
Discussion with the audience

The workshop will be complemented by a stand