Cities Forum 2017

Discriminated but left unprotected?

Human Rights Perspective in the Urban Agenda


The objective of the panel is to explore the gaps between sectorial policies and human rights requirements at the local level and the possible future responses to these gaps. A background paper will be prepared before the event in order to identify the legal and policy gaps that have the potential to lead to human rights violations at the local level. The panel will be followed up by policy papers reflecting the identified gaps. In this way the panel will identify the upcoming steps including possible future amendments of the current urban policy and the corresponding legal environment. Speakers will be invited on the basis of their experiences on the respective discussion topics.

Format of the session

  • Introduction
  • Scene setter
    • Experiencing human rights violations at the local level
    • Scale of potential human rights violations in Europe
    • Human Rights requirements and the link to the local level
  • Paradign shift
    • Identification of the legal and policy gaps potentially leading to human rights violation
    • Responding to the gaps through the Urban Agenda
    • Role of EU funds in tackling and preventing human rights violations
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion