Cities Forum 2017

Workshops 27 November – 11.00-16.00

During the Dutch Presidency of the EU in the first half of 2016 the Pact of Amsterdam was adopted by EU ministers. It states that European cities will be more involved with the creation of EU legislation, EU funding and knowledge sharing. The relevance of this involvement is highlighted by the statistics that cities and urban areas now house more than 70% of all Europeans.

The Urban Agenda is composed of 12 priority themes essential to the development of urban areas. Each themes has a dedicated Partnership. These partnerships bring together cities, Member States and European institutions. Together, they aim to implement the Urban Agenda by finding workable ideas focused on the topics of EU legislation funding and knowledge sharing.

8 of these Partnerships will present their state of play and host workshops at specific locations in the City of Rotterdam that reflect their topic.

For more information on each workshop, including exact locations and programme, please see the list below.