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Building strategic UK-Nordic-Baltic partnerships to accelerate decarbonisation in Europe and beyond

Both the UK and the Nordic and Baltic region have extensive expertise when it comes to developing policies and technologies which will drive the journey towards decarbonisation.

Nordic and Baltic companies like Ørsted have been successfully collaborating over the years with the UK to deliver the world's largest offshore wind farm at Hornsea, England. While UK companies like WN VTech supply electric busses to Sweden.

These great examples of collaboration, of opportunity and demand, have shown us that the acceleration towards carbonisation can be achieved if we continue the journey together, integrating our industries, inspiring new technologies and creating more strategic partnerships between our countries.

Growing Green Together will provide a community platform – both digitally and through live events and webinars – to enhance collaboration around decarbonisation by connecting businesses with opportunities.

The campaign will focus on energy, future cities, mobility and sustainable consumption, and will take place against a geopolitical backdrop in which the importance of a connected Europe has never been so important.


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Energy, including offshore wind

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Future Mobility

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Sustainable Consumption

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Future Cities

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Growing Green Together is a regional campaign from the UK's Department for International Trade in Europe spanning the Northern Europe & the Baltic region. If you are from another European country, please click below to discover more events, businesses and opportunities.


Clean Growth Europe
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