Hatter Horizon GP Meeting 2019

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The Royal College of Physicians


Caroline Sayer Professor Stephanie Baldeweg Caroline Smith

Chair of Haverstock Healthcare,
London, UK

Consultant Diabetologist,
London, UK

GP Trainer/GP appraiser,
Brighton GP VTS Programme Director,
West Sussex, UK

Professor Derek Yellon Professor John Cunningham

Professor of Molecular & Cellular Cardiology,
University College London;
Director of the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute

at UCL Hospitals & Medical School,
London, UK

Professor of Nephrology,
University College London Medical School
and The Royal Free Hospital;
Honorary Fellowship,
Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, UK

Tuesday 3 December
8:30 am

Badge Collection & Coffee

9:30 am

The global burden of diabetes.

Professor Kausik Ray

Imperial College, London


A diabetologist’s view of new anti-diabetic therapy.

Professor Miles Fisher

Glasgow Royal Infirmary




New therapy for the treatment of type 2 diabetes – the role for primary care.

Dr Kevin Fernando

General Practitioner, North Berwick


Obesity, diabetes and blood pressure: which are the villains?

Professor Michael Lean

University of Glasgow

12:35 pm


1:30 pm

Diabetes & pregnancy – what I need to know.

Dr Sarita Naik

University College Hospital London


Sleep apnoea – whom should I refer for assessment?

Professor Anita Simonds

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust


Diabetes and CKD management: what I need to know.

Professor Nigel Brunskill

University of Leicester




Effects of bariatric surgery in obese patients – is diabetes curable?

Professor Rachel Batterham

University College London


Reflections on my role as Medical Director of the NHS!

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh

Past Medical Director, NHS; Chair of Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust

5:15 pm

Close & depart


The fixed costs of the meeting (Venue hire, AV, food & beverage, speaker fees etc.) are underwritten by Pharmaceutical Industry. Supporters are listed here.