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IFE 2019

17 March, 2019 - 20 March, 2019

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Food and Drink is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. It encompasses primary processing (milling, malting, slaughtering) to advanced manufacturing of complex prepared food and drink products. There are 7 DIT export campaigns; these are Western Europe, Nordic Baltic Network, North America, Latin America, India, China and UAE.
Our campaign markets offer a wide range of opportunities and challenges for our exporters. For instance, the Nordics and Western Europe are relatively straight forward for our companies to export to be it through B2B or B2C. Other markets are more challenging for a variety of reasons such as logistics (particularly when it comes to perishables and limited shelf life products), market access such as China (and to an extent North America) and high tariffs for products such as alcohol to Latin America.  

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