Cities Forum 2017


Organised by the European Commission
27 and 28 November in the City of Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Moving forward with the Urban Agenda for the EU towards a more sustainable urban development within cities all over the globe.

This two-day major event of the European Commission will bring together key stakeholders from European, national and local levels to debate the progress of the Urban agenda for the EU, the urban dimension of the Cohesion Policy, and the EU response to the urban dimension of the 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda.

On the first day, the partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU will touch base and organise a series of workshops throughout the city of Rotterdam. In addition a workshop will be organised on the Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda) and how cities can contribute to achieve these goals.

From there, the SS Rotterdam, a former ocean liner, will host the Cities Forum on the afternoon of the first day with welcoming words and introductions of high level speakers.

On day two, the progress and future direction of the Urban Agenda and the urban dimension of the Cohesion Policy will be reflected against global urban policies, strategies and goals. That day a new platform will be launched assisting cities in improving their investment capacities. Mayors, Ministers, Commissioners and other high level speakers will reflect on their current challenges and will share their visions on the way forward towards better urban policy making and urban investments.

Other workshops will focus on the Covenant of Mayors, innovative & inspiring city examples and the human rights perspective in the Urban Agenda for the EU. A small exhibition will also be open to participants where urban organisations and networks host stands and engage and provide information on urban programmes and initiatives.

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