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Be a part of our soundscape 

We are creating an atmospheric and immersive experience in the Choral Space of the UK Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai (1 October 2021 - 31 March 2022).

The soundscape provides an artistic link to the UK Pavilion’s visitor experience and the overarching inspiration for the Pavilion concept of Stephen Hawking’s Breakthrough Message. The narrative of the composition will embody the UK’s theme ‘Innovating for a Shared Future’, reflecting on the cultural diversity and history of the UK, and the world, through a melting pot of musical genres and sounds.

We want the music to represent the fact we are all part of one global community, not just our own country.  This piece of music will be a single voice of Earth.

To make this happen we need you. 


We invite you to perform pre-composed parts of music at home on your computer, phone or other recording devices. A downloadable recording pack is available which contains all the necessary information, musical score, backing track plus audio and midi files. 

These recordings will be incorporated into the soundscape to reflect an expansive collective message of a shared future with hints of AI and Space. We are inviting anyone across the globe to record themselves playing any instrument of choice or singing to become part of our shared global sound.

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Instructions on how to contribute

  • Download the information pack to listen to the different parts you can play. We have provided both the audio file and the sheet music.
  • Read the instructions carefully in the pack before starting to record. Remember the only formats we accept are mp3, wav, m3a, m4a, aif, and aac.
  • Once you have recorded your parts please submit using the form in the link below. 
  • Submissions uploaded by 20 November 2020.

Submit your contribution



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The composition

You are contributing unique sounds with your voice or an instrument which we will mix with synthetic sounds and bespoke sections of music from other sources.

The different parts available to play or sing are:

  • High (vocal or instrumental)
  • Mid high (vocal or instrumental)
  • Mid low (vocal or instrumental)
  • Low (vocal or instrumental)
  • Instrument part 1
  • Instrument part 2
  • Rhythm part
  • Simple rhythm part

We are interested in a range of vocal styles and a wide variety of instruments from a saxophone and drums to organ, tin whistle and the sitar. Whatever style you sing or whichever instrument you play we want your contribution in your own unique way.

Download the full information pack to hear the different parts.

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Terms and conditions

Worldwide waiver and grant of rights in recordings submitted through this website.

In order to enable the production of a collaborative work with multiple contributions from around the world it is necessary that each contributor agrees to give up its rights and /or grant certain rights in return for participating in the project.

The following is a summary of the main terms you agree to when you submit a recording of a performance through this website (Your Recording). It is not a substitute for the full legal agreement between you and us which can be found here and which take precedence over this summary.

By submitting Your Recording through the site you are agreeing that:

  • You are giving up your legal right to control how Your Recording is used by us;
  • You are giving up your right to receive any payment in relation to the use of Your Recording;
  •  We may edit, alter, sample or change Your Recording and use any part or parts of it in combination with other works;
  • You will not be acknowledged as the owner of the copyright of any part of Your Recording;
  • No individual performer whose performance is recorded as part of Your Recording will be acknowledged, nor will they be entitled to any payment or compensation in respect of the use of Your Recording and all performer’s property and non-property rights are waived to the fullest extent permitted by law;
  • You, and any performer featured in Your Recording, will not be able to withdraw their agreement to these terms after you submit Your Recording.

Once you receive confirmation from us that Your Recording has been successfully uploaded, you may refer to your participation in the Soundscape Project. We will send you details of how you may wish to do that when we acknowledge we have received Your Recording.

Before proceeding to submit Your Recording you must have obtained the irrevocable legal authority to agree to these terms on behalf of each performer and each person who created Your Recording or any person who has acquired any rights in Your Recording. If you do not have that permission do not upload material to this site.


For full terms and conditions click here.