ICIS Innovation Awards 2021

16 November 2021 // Virtual

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Process with Best Benefit to the Environment and Sustainability

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At 2020’s Awards the sustainability categories were so popular we decided to split them into two, with the new category representing the process innovations so many companies are focussing on in today’s market.

Why enter?

  • Show how you are changing the way you work to be more sustainable
  • Appeal to new talent by positioning yourselves as a forward-thinking business
  • Highlight to customers the value you bring while being sustainable

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This award will be judged on its value to the chemicals industry as well as its commercial viability. Finding the sweet spot between something that is truly innovative that can also be used in the industry today is the way to win our judges’ favour.

Sustainability will be at the core of your innovation, while there is a specific section to highlight your innovation’s sustainability credentials, it is important to bring everything back to sustainability throughout your entry form to show how the innovation considers this factor throughout it’s development cycle.
To recognise the breadth of innovation in the chemical sector, ICIS Innovation Awards are given in six categories.
As well as a winner in each category, ICIS selects an overall winner each year, chosen from the five category winners.
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How to enter

When entering it’s important to be as explanatory as possible within the guidelines set. Our judges want to know what your process is, how it works, what the value is, whether it is commercially viable and how sustainable it is.

Stick to the facts when entering, our judges are experts in the field so will not be won over with PR speak, we want good honest innovation. Be sure to add supporting materials including quantitative data, whitepapers, websites and research with your submission.