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With world-class institutions and organisations across the education sector, the UK positions itself as a long-standing  global, and reliable education provider, ensuring long-term quality, excellence to deliver tailored solutions to meet education needs. 


From world-renowned universities that date back to the 11th century, to becoming a global EdTech Hub, the UK Education sector is marked by combining tradition and innovation in a wide range of offers. The UK approach is flexible which means it can contextualised to meet different education needs and priorities from vocational and technical training to higher education to English language training to schools and Education Technology.

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EdTech – innovation to face disruption

With the Covid-19 outbreak, a need for further online solutions became part of the reality and UK EdTech institutions were centrestage in innovations to cope with these new global challenges. The UK Government has created a Digital Brochure: UK Covid-19 Solutions where you can find part of the UK offer in education and in areas as life sciences, healthcare, technology and others. 

Increased use of educational technology (ICT hardware and software, management information systems and digital content) can enable organisations to reach much larger audiences from a wider range of geographical locations, reduce overcrowding in classrooms and give students more flexibility to learn when and where they want, at their own pace.

The UK is a global hub for EdTech, with a range of innovative solutions that go from remote learning, gamification, digital and technological assessments to full online learning platforms, the UK is well placed to further share their expertise overseas in order to support new digital ways of effective learning.  Since Covid-19, we have seen a huge increase in international investment into UK EdTech companies, who are considered to be the forefront of innovative and flexible solutions, including on how reach remote communities.

Several UK institutions are already partnering with Latin America and most recently three UK EdTech institutions (Mangaghigh, Little Bridge and Twig) were able to have solutions to math, ELT and Science added to the Mexican platform Aprende en Casa

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Interested to learn more about the possibilities of partnering with UK education institutions?     Contact us

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