GitLab GitFit Challenge

Are you ready for a new and fun challenge this year?
Join Gitlab and industry peers to compete against each
other in a challenge for body and mind!

When: 15 March - 9 April, 2021

Throughout March/April we will get together each week in brief virtual sessions to show off your step count (with prizes for the highest achiever) and find out if you can solve some GitLab puzzles (bonus points!).

During this fun activity, you will:

Race against other participants to achieve most steps
Challenge your peers on your knowledge of GitLab
Network with other community members in interactive sessions
Win some cool GitLab branded prizes

The number of participants is limited, therefore this is a qualifying registration. Your participation is not confirmed, we will send you an email once you made it to our team!

At this time, the GitFit challenge can only be entered by European residents.

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