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Midlands After Hours

Networking Events

January - February 2024

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The Midlands After Hours Networking Events from the Department for Business & Trade (DBT) will help to facilitate networking opportunities and build your knowledge and best practice in selling your services internationally.


The UK is the most internationally connected global centre for international and sustainable finance, and the world’s second largest net exporter of financial services, exporting £61bn in 2021, 20% of the UK’s total services exports.

FPBS (financial, professional, and business services), is the biggest contributor to UK services exports. The UK has comparative advantage and is a global leader in the provision of FPBS. Sub-sectors of FPBS include banking, capital markets, asset management, insurance, fintech, legal, accountancy and consulting in which the UK has global strengths that it can sell to the world. There is also high demand for these services abroad.


About our Midlands After Hours Networking Events

Whether you are an established exporter, or are just looking to get started, join our free series of after hours networking events to learn how to take advantage of the opportunities available and meet with experienced exporters who you can gain top tips from and network within a relaxed setting. This series will have a particular focus on trading in legal services, business consultancy services and Professional & Financial Tech services.

Hear from services companies like yours, and government representatives, who will share tips of where to find demand and how to access support freely available from DBT.


Why Attend

  • Increase your connections across a range of service sector businesses.

  • Connect with a local International Trade adviser and sector advisor for free exporting advice.

  • Meet a professional services ‘Export Champion’ and hear their inspiring exporting journey.

  • Hear about the different Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) being negotiated internationally and what this means for service businesses.

  • Discover the range of free support available from the Department for Business and Trade.

  • Enjoy a drink and canapes and network with likeminded professionals from across the industry.


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  Midlands After Hours Networking Events    
  Trade in Professional Tech Services - West Midlands    
  Date: Tuesday 16th January    
  Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm    
  Location: The Burlington Hotel | Burlington Arcade | Birmingham B2 4JQ     
  Trade in Services - West Midlands    
  Date: Tuesday 13th February    
  Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm    
  Location: Primitivo | 10 Barwick Street | Birmingham B3 2NT    

Contact DBT Midlands

  If you have any queries relating to international trade why not contact us. With staff in offices across the globe, we can help you find the answers.    
  email: ditmidlands@trade.gov.uk    
  call: 0300 303 8955    
  visit: great.gov.uk    
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Places at our midlands networking events are limited, so use the link below to register your interest in joining us today.


For any other export related enquiries contact the Department for Business and Trade in the Midlands at ditmidlands@trade.gov.uk or call our export support service on 0300 303 8955.

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Organised by:

The Department for International Trade

Department for Business and Trade (DBT) is the Government Department that helps UK based companies succeed in the global economy. We also help overseas companies bring their high-quality investment to the UK’s dynamic economy, acknowledged as Europe’s best place in which to succeed in global business.