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Q: I haven't received my confirmation email, how can I check I am definitely registered?

A: Firstly, ensure that you check all of your folders within your email, including the Spam folder as some emails have stricter security. If for some reason you do not receive the confirmation email then it is advisable to contact our EIT Health Matchmaking team HERE


Q: I am no longer able to attend this event, how can I cancel my registration?

A: In this case, we advise you contact our EIT Health Matchmaking team HERE as we can cancel this for you


Q: Where can I find my reference number?

A: Your unique reference number can be found in your initial confirmation email. You will also receive a reminder of this when you are granted access to our Matchmaking platform


Q: When I arrive who can I speak to if I have a question?

A: Whilst on site we have a host of team members who are happy to answer any of your queries. Your easiest points of contact are at our Registration desk and Information desk. Alternatively, our team will always be recognisable by the Event Staff lanyards.


Q: I will be staying for the whole event and need accomodation. Where can I stay that is local to the venues?

A: There is a wide variety of accomodation, suitable for all budgets relatively close to our venues. Our favourites are detailed on the Venue Page 



Matchmaking Platform

Q: How can I access the Matchmaking Platform?

A: Our Matchmaking platform is accessible only by our attendees, therefore we will email you how to access the platform once it is live. Currently, we expect this to be the week commencing 20 January 2020


Q: When is the Matchmaking Platform available?

A: The Matchmaking platform is currently expected to be available from 20 January onwards. It will not be closed until 1 week after the event has finished. This allows you time to gather the contact details of anyone you wish to stay in touch with


Q: How can I edit the information visible on my Profile?

A: Select information can be edited through the Profile tab within the Matchmaking platform. If the information you wish to edit is not visible within this section then you can contact our EIT Health Matchmaking team HERE


Q: Is there any key points to know about the Matchmaking platform?

A: It is important to keep your profile up to date for your meeting attendees sake. Additionally, meeting requests must be accepted or declined within 4 days of creation. After this point the system automatically declines any unanswered meetings in order to keep tables free for other attendees


Q: How do I create a meeting request?

A: Firstly, you must be registered for the event to receive the email to access the Matchmaking platform. Use the Attendee Directory to search for those who you wish to invite. Click the + button of up to 3 attendees to add to your meeting, followed by Create Meeting Request. Then simply select your date, room and time


Q: How can I compare my schedule with another attendee?

A: Once you have selected Create Meeting Request you will notice a Compare Schedule option towards the top of the pop-up. This will highlight the available times for each meeting attendee


Q: I created a meeting but now I cannot attend at this time. How can I alter the time?

A: To alter the time of your meeting, click on the meeting within your Schedule. This will highlight the details of your meeting. Within this, there is an option to edit the time. The other attendees will be notified of this change. We also reccomend using the Messages tab to send a message to the attendees to confirm


Q: How many can be invited for each meeting?

A: For the Berlin Matchmaking event, there are four chairs per Matchmaking table, meaning you can invite up to three other attendees per meeting


Q: When I arrive, who can I talk to if I have an issue with the Matchmaking platform?

A: If you experience any technical issues, with the App or platform, our Information desk is available to help. The location of our Information desk will be in Radisson Blu alongside the Matchmaking rooms. The desk is highlighted on the A1 floor plans throughout the venues



Matchmaking App

Q: Where can I find the App to download?

A: The EIT Health Matchmaking App is available for download from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). Search for EIT Health Events and download. It should take no longer than one minute


Q: What is my password to access the App?

A: To log-in to our EIT Health Events App use the email you registered with and then your unique reference number as your password


Q: There appears to be an error accessing the App. What can I do?

A: If you are experiencing continued issues with accessing the EIT Health Events App, please contact our EIT Health Matchmaking Team HERE


Q: What information can be accessed on the App?

A: The App has all the most up to date information for the EIT Health Matchmaking Berlin Event. You can access: the floor plans, the agenda, your confirmed meetings, Stage 0 and Sustainability Expert information and even message other attendees


Q: I want to create a meeting using the App, how can I do this?

A: The app allows for the creation of ad hoc meetings only, it does not link to the Matchmaking platform. Meaning it can not be used to book the Matchmaking tables but can be used to create informal meetings in our general networking areas