ICIS PET Value Chain Virtual Conference

Connecting PET professionals globally

9 - 10 September 2020, 8.30am - 4pm BST, Online

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Recycled Polymers Training Agenda

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Meet the ICIS trainers


Helen McGeough, Senior Analyst, Plastics Recycling, ICIS

BA (Hons) Business Studies Graduate from Nottingham Trent University
Over 20 years’ experience in consultancy, having worked initially in the Digital Technology industry and for the past 14 years in recycled PET within Wood Mackenzie (previously PCI). Led market analysis and consulting for global recycled PET markets. Achievements include:
  • Developed supply demand database for recycled PET markets, including forecasts for collection, reclamation and end use of recycled PET products
  • Responsible for monthly coverage of recycled PET market including price discovery, analysis of market developments and regulatory developments
  • Generated price forecasts for recycled PET flake and food grade pellets by key regions
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Mark Victory, Senior Editor, Recycling, ICIS

Mark Victory is one of the Senior Editors for recycling at ICIS, and is dedicated to expanding our coverage across this vital and growing sector.
Mark has been with ICIS since 2008, and has covered recycling markets throughout his time with the company – including 8 years as the editor of the R-PET report . Mark is currently the editor of the R-PE and R-PP reports, which he launched in 2019. Mark also has extensive experience across petrochemical and fertilizer markets, having been the regular editor for more than 25 separate markets, and managed several teams of editors. Mark was also the chief editor of the Global Automotive report. Prior to joining ICIS, Mark covered structured products, international bonds and commercial paper markets.
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The ICIS Virtual event series are free to attend for this year only. Our objective is to support our customers throughout this difficult time by providing a space to reconnect, engage and learn. As we move into 2021 we will bring back face to face events in a physical environment and will reintroduce ticket pricing. Take advantage now to build your network virtually and we will all meet again in the not too distant future.

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