ICIS PET Value Chain Virtual Conference

Connecting PET professionals globally

8 - 9 September 2021, 8.30am - 4pm BST, Online

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Virtual Event Access

Our industry leading virtual events have been developed based on customer feedback alongside recommendations from our technology partners. This year, we have added a number of new functionalities and even more commercial opportunities to put your company profile in the spotlight.
There will be three levels of access available depending on how you would like to engage with our online community.
Lite.    Premium.    Partner
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Set up your online profile, add an image and short bio
View the event agenda, but very limited access to content
       Access to Partner Profiles and commercial content
Unable to use chat function or book your own virtual meetings
Can only be contacted by Partners and Premium delegates 
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  Full access to all content (including Keynotes, panels and Live Q&As)  
Full networking access with virtual meetings
AI-enhanced matchmaking based on profile and engagement
Full access to the onDemand Library to watch any missed content
Create and customise your own event agenda
  Access to full delegate list with advanced filtering
Instant Chat and Instant Video functions are available
Access to platform for 30 days post-event
10 pending meeting requests allowance (renewed once actioned)
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Super Early
(Must book on or before 23 July 2021)
(Must book on or before 20 August 2021) 
(All bookings from 21 August onwards) 
Premium Access  $400 $500 $600
Lite Access Registration has now closed for Lite Access 

You MUST enter your VAT number/Sales Tax ID (or local equivalent), otherwise UK VAT at 20% will be applied. Customers based in the UK will be charged UK VAT at 20% whether or not a VAT number is provided.
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Do you have a sales/business development team of 3 or more? A new product to launch to this community? Want to promote your brand to a highly-engaged, global audience? Have a desire to be a thought-leader within your field? 

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Premium access for your team, plus added benefits
Teams/Groups access (up to 8 users) with up to 100 meeting requests
Extensive branding opportunities (pre-, during and post-event)
Thought-leadership and commercial showcases included on the main agenda
Bespoke sponsorship-led cross-platform content promotion
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Dedicated client-focused webinars showcasing your company's specialism
Personalised event analysis including full export of generated leads
Partner profile company chat activated for all users
Assigned your own customer success representative
Enhanced matchmaking services, provide us with your wish list
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