ICIS PET Value Chain Virtual Conference

Connecting PET professionals globally

9 - 10 September 2020, 8.30am - 4pm BST, Online

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Why attend?

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What's new for 2020?

  • Updated virtual agenda including live content to ensure that you have the opportunity to ask questions as they arise and get essential market insights from market leaders as well as on-demand content allowing you to catch up with all information when best suits you 
  • Scheduled networking time to allow you to schedule one-to-one meetings with key market connections using our ICIS networking application
  • Live panel discussions and roundtables allowing you to get involved in the key discussions facing the future of the market
  • All networking, live and on demand content is being delivered via our new Virtual Event Portal

Virtual Event Portal

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Reasons to attend the conference

  • Trusted market insight from ICIS to give you an in-depth view into the PET and R-PET market
  • Emphasis on networking and strengthening new and existing relationships through our ICIS networking application, allowing you to make those business connections even in a virtual setting
  • Speakers coming from within the industry and from leading companies across the PET value chain
  • Analysis of topics relevant for both PET and R-PET professionals available as both live and on demand, to ensure you get the most up to date information
  • Ample opportunities to ask and discuss industry essential questions at exclusive, ask the expert sessions, roundtables

Conference Agenda

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Who should attend?

This conference has been designed for:
  • PET producers
  • Converters / processors / compounders
  • Consumers and end-users
  • PET recyclers / R-PET producers
  • EO, MEG, PX and PTA suppliers
  • Logistics providers
  • PET and R-PET traders
  • Plastics associations
  • Consultants
  • Different industry members looking to add PET to their business
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The ICIS Virtual event series are free to attend for this year only. Our objective is to support our customers throughout this difficult time by providing a space to reconnect, engage and learn. As we move into 2021 we will bring back face to face events in a physical environment and will reintroduce ticket pricing. Take advantage now to build your network virtually and we will all meet again in the not too distant future.

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