British Geriatrics Society Spring Meeting 2018

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Deadline extended to 17th January 2018

Abstracts are encouraged and will be accepted as platforms or posters to be displayed at the meeting.

Please read the instructions below before preparing your abstract. Your abstract must include:

• A title

• Names of authors (presenting author to be underlined)

• Provenance (i.e. place of work)

• Contact details (including telephone number, fax number and email address)

The abstract text should be no longer than 300 words and must be in English. Please use the following headings

For Research Submissions

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion


Clinical Quality submissions 

  • What have you decided to address, and why?
  • What change did you make? 
  • How was it implemented?
  • What changes did you see as a consequence?
  • Was it challenging to implement? 
  • What might others find difficult if they did the same? 
  • Are there any population or service features that might limit replication elsewhere? 
  • What would you do differently if you started again?

Submission electronically

Please submit your abstract Click here to submit your abstract for Spring 2018

(prepared according to the general guidelines on the submission link)

Contact with any queries


The submission of abstracts is invited for presentation at the British Geriatrics Society Scientific Meeting under the categories of either Clinical Quality or Scientific Presentation.

The Research and Academic Development Committee reviews abstracts submitted under the category of Scientific Presentation. These submissions should be research with LREC approval (or reason given why not required).

Clinical Quality abstracts are adjudicated by the Clinical Quality Steering Group. These submissions fall under the following subcategories: these have recently been changed and you will see more information on this further down.

1.       Clinical Effectiveness

2.       Efficiency and Value for Money

3.       Patient Centredness

4.       Patient Safety

5.       Improved Access to Service

After the adjudication process, results will be posted onto the BGS website. The abstract results page will inform you as to whether your submission has been accepted as a poster or platform presentation.  


Instructions for submitting abstracts

The British Geriatrics Society accepts submissions only through the online submissions facility. Please click the link above.

Date of submission. Abstracts must reach the BGS administrative office by: 1 June for Autumn Meetings; and 1 January for Spring Meetings. Abstracts received after these deadlines will be kept for the following meeting, unless the author wishes to withdraw the submission.

Limitation on submissions. Only TWO abstracts per investigator as first author are allowed.

Corrections - Make sure that the abstract you submit is correct. DO NOT phone, write or re-submit the same abstract with modifications. If you experience anything like this please contact the Abstract Manager on 0207 608 8574.

Submit each abstract ONCE only and do so by the deadlines specified